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Lost Hearing Aid in Grass .. Mission Viejo, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Jim called me, inquiring if my metal detector could locate a small hearing aid. My answer was, it depends on the location and the type of hearing aid. It would be necessary to meet at the location and I would need the other hearing aid or a spare battery.
Jim was sure he lost the hearing aid when he pulled a doggy pop bag from his pocket, where he had put his one and only hearing aid. It was a grassy area at a park which was a couple blocks from his home.
We met at the park and I was able to tune my XP Deus metal detector to get a reading from the small battery. The area was 20′ x 120′ with 2″ thick grass. The hearing aid was about the size of a cashew nut which made me think this would possibly be an eyeball find. Even though Jim had searched the evening before calling me, I know the lighting angle of the sun may make it easier to see at a different time of day.
I asked Jim to start at the opposite end of our search zone and I worked toward him. Twenty minutes into the search, Jim yelled at me, ” I Found It!” He was a happy man because it had just been repaired and he was upset at himself for carelessly putting it in his pocket with the plastic bag.