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Gold Ring Lost in Snow .. Big Bear, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Ridhima sent me an email asking me if I could search for a ring lost in the snow at Big Bear, CA. I sent her a reply asking her to call me so we could discuss the circumstances of the loss.
Ridhima and her husband, Shashank had taken their 4 year old daughter to see the snow for the first time. They had only spent about an hour playing in the snow. On their way home Ridhima noticed her ring missing. It was too late to return to search for the ring and she was not sure where the loss occurred. When they got home they reviewed Celphone videos the had taken. The ring was on when they were playing in the snow. She got on the Internet, locating TheRingFinders.com.
We had one problem, they were not able to meet me at the location. I asked them to send me photos, and a google satellite map marked with approximate location. After seeing the photos and the map, I agreed to make the 100 mile trip to search the snow for the gold ring.
The next morning I arrived at the location dressed for the cold weather. The snow was less than 8″ deep which would be within range of my metal detector. The only thing I learned was that gloves are nice to have when digging in the snow for metal signals.
It only took an hour of grid searching the area to find Ridhima’s special ring. I sent her a photo and we met on my way home to return the ring. They couldn’t believe that the ring they thought was lost forever was now back where it belongs. I have more respect for our fellow ringfinders that search the snow. Many of my searches are on beaches in the sand, much easier.