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Lost Engagement Ring in Crosby, Texas (found) by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Engagement Ring in Crosby, Texas (found) by John Volek

I was contacted by Amanda on 10-18-2015 regard ring her lost engagement ring in a field near some new home construction. Amanda said while she and her fiancé were out looking at some new homes in Crosby her new engagement ring must had fallen off her finger. Amanda said she and her fiancé had been searching for her lost ring for several days, but had no luck conducting a visual search of the area. Amanda said on the third day they purchased a new metal detector and spent several more hours hunting for her lost ring.

Amanda said they were pretty sure of the area where the ring was lost, describing it as a grassy area along side of a road. Amanda felt the ring had slipped of after they parked and exited their vehicle to look at the new homes.

I made arrangements to meet Amanda on Monday 10-19-2015 to search for her lost engagement ring in Crosby.

The search area was a grassy drainage ditch along side of the main roadway into the subdivision. Amanda said she was sure she had had the ring on her finger after exiting the vehicle. Unfortunately, even in this new subdivision the grassy ditch was littered with small aluminum targets, like every 12 inches. It was a really difficult and time consuming search, but we prevailed.




















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Equipment Used:

CTX 3030







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