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A Father’s Map Leads to Hidden Cash Inside a House! New Jersey Treasure Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

A Father’s map leads to hidden cash inside a house! Follow Keith Wille of Rediscover Lost on his treasure hunt for inherited cash money. This treasure hunter explores where to look in the basement for hidden money, and where to search in the kitchen for hidden cash. Check out the treasure map to find the inherited cash! Link to read the entire story here

Testimonial from the property owner:

Keith Wille came to my family’s house to uncover hidden treasure. Once we completed the assignment, Keith’s natural curiosity asked if he could see my father’s other hiding places. I shared with him the kitchen pantry, and told him my dad’s letter said: “he took it out.” Also, I had looked there myself with a step stool and didn’t find anything. Within a matter of minutes, Keith handed me a small neatly folded silver foil packet and  I opened it. To my surprise, there was $1,000.00 cash – 10 $100 bills. I told Keith, I would have never found that money, many thanks.

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