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Sentimental Wedding Ring Recovered on Indian Shores Beach, Florida

Lorena was out with her family for a day at the beach over the Labor Day weekend. Late in the afternoon she decided to go for a quick dip in the gulf before heading for home. As she stood in the water about waist deep she felt a ring slip from her finger. The ring was passed down to her from her father who has since passed and it was very important to her.

She and the family looked for about an hour without finding the ring so on the way home she goggled metal detector Clearwater and up popped SRARC on The Ring Finders blog. She called Stan and he made a fast trip to the location where Lorena met him. Stan hunted for about 45 minutes until it got too dark and stormy to continue. SRARC scheduled another hunt the next day. Lorena met Chris, Mark, and Mike and showed them where she thought it might be found. About 15 minutes later Mark pulled his scoop up and there it was. There were plenty of hugs and smiles to go around with Lorena overjoyed to have her father’s ring back on her finger.

Special congratulations go to Mark Sillence for getting his first ever ring on his first ever hunt with the SRARC recovery team. Nice work Mark and the rest of the SRARC team.

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Sand Key Platinum Wedding Ring Returned

We took a trip to Clearwater in September, and one of the highlights was getting to take our 18-month-old son to the ocean for the first time. His experience was great, but after an hour of wading in the surf and walking up and down the beach I noticed that my wedding ring was gone. We did some halfhearted searching, but really didn’t expect much luck finding one small item in the ocean. That night we posted on Craigslist. That also seemed like a long shot, but we figured that the ring has a specific inscription, and if someone else found it and wanted to contact us Craigslist might give them a way. In the morning we had two responses — one from Stan at Ring Finders saying he’d be happy to meet us and search together, and a second from someone else saying “you should take down your ad and contact Ring Finders”.


Timing was tough for us. This was the last day of the vacation, and we had to navigate the toddler’s sleep schedule and make it to church before we left town. Still, Stan said he had a 95% success rate if we came and helped narrow the search area, and while that sounded impossibly high it gave us enough hope to give it a try. So we met Stan back at the beach, explained where we had been the day before, and let him start searching. He suggested that we stick around for an hour in case any other memories came to us, and after that he’d spend another hour before bringing others down to help search. We discussed the location a little more, and decided, based on landmarks like “this hole here, and that sign over there”, that he was in about the right spot. We were just explaining that to Stan when he said, “hold on, I’ve got something right here.” He scooped up some sand, drained it, and handed my ring back to me with a smile. We couldn’t believe it. The total search was maybe 15 minutes, which turned out to be especially important that day. We’re adopting a second child, and that same afternoon we got word that the mother had gone into labor early so we took the next flight out. Without Stan’s quick response, his availability to meet us right away, and the short search time, our window would have closed and we would have left town without ever finding the ring. He was exactly the right person at the right time. Thanks Stan!

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