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Epic In Home Search For Diamond Wedding Ring Silverdale, WA

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Watch the SeattleRingHunter in this epic in home search for a lost diamond wedding ring.

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 May 2022 Ilandra called me seeking help for a lost diamond wedding ring in her home. She clearly tells me the situation of where she last had her ring. Just a few days prior she was cooking dinner over her stove when some food got on to her ring. She remembers washing her ring off in her kitchen sink then drying it with a kitchen towel that was hanging from her oven door. She recalls clutching her ring in her hand as she went up the stairs to her bedroom to prepare for an evening shower. Just a few minutes after having left the kitchen she had gathered a pajama top from her bedroom closet, placed some close on her bathroom counter and realized her precious diamond wedding ring was no where to be found! She has a common habit of leaving her wedding ring on the bathroom counter while bathing and expected the ring to be there but it was not. She asked her husband who had been with her all evening and he clearly remembered having last seen her washing it off in the kitchen. What seem to have taken place in an instant turned into a huge all night search with the couple turning their house upside down looking for her ring yet no ring was to be found. After hearing this story I asked several clarifying questions as my basic line of investigation. The odd thing was this was a basic routine end of day evening for them. There was no drinking, no stress, no drama, no third parties had been in the home, no cats or dogs. I learned she has a young son but he had been sleeping the whole time this incident took place. She explained she was at a total loss of where or what could have happened to her ring and after having found me online she was desperate and needed some help.

With all these details I reassured her if the ring was still on the property I would do all I could to assist her with an in home search. I explained with all of my special tools, processes and experience we needed to act quickly and to treat this in home search as a priority. She agreed with me as we set a schedule to meet just a few days later. I also took that opportunity to stress the point from my past experience they needed to save all the house hold garbage and to set it aside in a safe quarantine zone. She confirmed that they still had all of the trash and had done some looking through it already but agreed and fully understood the importance in securing all the house hold garbage.  As I tell many people in this situation we just don’t know if its in the trash, the laundry, under an appliance, hiding in a cabinet or container. At the very least allow me to search your house hold garbage before releasing it to the curb regardless of how much you may have poked through it yourself.

 When it comes to in home searches each case is unique and of its own but there is common areas we tend to focus on a first priority to search based on our years of experience. With human nature certain actions and activities causing lost jewelry tend to stand out to us as Lost Item Recovery Specialist so please allow us an opportunity to do all we can to assist you in your lost item situation. 

Watch this episode the Seattle Ring Hunter to see how and where we find Ilandra’s lost wedding ring.

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