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Diamond Ring found in Corn Box at the Goebberts Farm & Garden Center in South Barrington, IL

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

So this is my Second call out to a corn pit this year. This was at the Goebberts Farm in South Barrington, Illinois. The owner could not have been more accommodating.

A woman had been playing with her child and fell. The ring came off as she was trying to get up. I can tell you, I fell myself on several occasions during the hunt. I had to crawl over to the pole just to get up! These corn pits are the PITS!!

She had lost it on Sunday and I wasn’t able to hunt until Thursday. The ring sank to the bottom of the pit and I was lucky to recover it. I used my box like device to dig down toward the bottom. I used 2 detectors, a hand help pinpointer and a hand held plastic sand scoop to recover the ring. I am considering using a PI Machine to locate items that may be at the bottom of the corn kernels. She was embarrassed about losing it, so I will not post her photo.

I’m beginning to have a Love Hate relationship with Corn Pits!!

LOVE the money HATE the labor.

Most corn pits are open til October 31st, so maybe more searches will be forthcoming.