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Small Battery Lost in Artificial Turf .. Huntington Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Barbara found me while searching the internet for metal detector rentals. She cares for retired greyhound racing dogs. One of her dogs had torn a toy that had three small button type batteries in it. She was concerned that one of the dogs had swallowed the toxic battery.
After taking the dog to the veterinary and spending a lot of money for X-rays. She was worried that the dog could still find the one missing battery and swallow it. Barbara explained that these dogs are almost like little kids, they chew on all kinds of objects.
We set up a time I could meet her husband at the house. He would have a sample battery to help me set up my detector. The area where the battery should be was all artificial turf, which sounded like it would be a simple search. Not so simple, this turf had many nails holding it in place. I started to adjust my settings on my metal detector but the little S.S. button battery was almost the same tone and ID number as the nails.
I had also brought a large magnet with me. Just before setting up my metal detector, I thought I might try dragging this 8″ magnet over the main search area. I picked a likely spot and with a little luck I heard a metal to metal sound (click), that turned out to be the missing button battery. (a first for me).
I carry this magnet to pull ferrous trash out of some messy search locations. It was just what I needed for this search. Barbara was so grateful, telling me this had worried for a couple days and now she could sleep better.
I like to say I will try anywhere and anything thing. One more example!