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Engagement Wedding Rings Lost at Horseshoe Lake Woodland WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this video of Sarah’s engagement wedding rings being recovered from Horseshoe Lake.

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Sarah lost three silver rings in Horseshoe Lake during a kayaking adventure and small swim. She was devastated over the loss of her rings and shared this situation with one of her good friends. All though they were not expensive they represented a wedding engagement ring set and had high sentimental value and meant the world to her. Her friend reassured her and told her about my services as I had done a search in the same lake previously for her last summer.

Based on her friends recommendation Sarah called me and shared her story asking if I thought there was any chance or possibility I could help. I reassured her that I could perform a search and based on the specifics she provided we had a pretty good shot. She understood there was no guarantees but was excited to have found someone that actually had experience doing lost ring recovery work in a lake. So many people tell us they didn’t even know a service like ours existed. Our standard response is yes we are a passionate group about lost item recovery and ask that you share on your social media outlets so we can reach out and help find more smiles.

About two weeks after the loss of her rings we met up on a perfect sunny day. We came prepared with our kayaks because the route to the suspected drop zone was about one mile from the launch and inaccessible by foot. Full of optimism, gear, experience and ambition we took off in our boats on an adventure to find a little cove she stopped at to take a small cool off swim on the day of the loss. The rings had been tucked into her top and as she adjusted her clothing the rings fell into the lake unnoticed. She went on a small swim out and back then kayaked back to the launch site. Just before they got out of the lake it became apparent what had happened. Her rings were missing! They raced back to the cove, looked through the water but to no avail could not find any of the rings due the silty lake bottom. In the process of searching that day her cell phone fell into the lake but she was able to reach down and easily retrieve her phone.

Watch the video to see how this lost ring story finds its resolution after quite a bit of focused effort.

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