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Lost wedding ring found in Guyton, GA

  • from Statesboro (Georgia, United States)

Ansley contacted me on 6/26/23 and told me that she’d lost of her ring during a horseback riding lesson. She had her rings in her pocket with her phone. She took a call while on her horse and when she was done for the day and went to her car, the engagement ring was in her pocket… but the wedding band was nowhere to be found. Due to scheduling conflicts, I was not able to drive out and search until this past Saturday (7/8/23).

Upon my arrival, started on the area where she thought she’d lost the ring. Ron, the property owner, had mowed a couple of times since the ring was lost and I was hoping it hadn’t been thrown into the nearby wood line. After a thorough search of the arena with nothing found, I turned my attention to the grassy areas outside of the arena. After a few more minutes of searching, I found the ring in a small grassy area about two feet outside of the arena where she was riding.

Ansley was thrilled to have her ring back. She’d only been married a few months! She’d already decided that if it was found, she’d never have it on or in her pocket while riding again.

Good call, Ansley. 🙂


Beautiful ring lost and recovered in Guyton, GA

  • from Statesboro (Georgia, United States)

Jeff contacted me about a ring that was lost in their front yard while his wife was doing some landscaping. She wasn’t quite sure where it was lost. The ring had been loose on her finger for awhile and it could have come off anywhere in their yard, flowerbeds, or wooded area near the house where she was tossing yard debris.

I arrived and began my search. After a couple of hours thoroughly checking the places she thought it might be, I was beginning to run out of time and thought I may need to come back again for a second search. One last search in the corner flower bed turned up her gorgeous diamond ring.

It was great getting to meet such a lovely couple and I’m so happy I was able to bring a smile to their faces. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary!