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Lost and Found Ring Cahoon Hollow Beach National Seashore Wellfleet, Massachusetts

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

If you leave 3 guys alone on the beach to have fun in the sun on Cape Cod…What can go wrong?

Sharks for one, sunburn for two and the dreaded lost wedding band for number three. Surely the three physically fit men should be able to find a very special wedding band in a bit of sand. But from the time of loss to the setting of the sun, it proved to be too big a task for them. It was now time for a woman to take charge.

Allissa, Brenton’s wife, reach out to a local detecting group in my home state of Connecticut. She was given good information; get in touch a group called Within a half an hour after receiving an E-mail I had a game plan set into motion. Being the loss occurred on Federal Property and it is illegal to detect there, special permission would be required from the proper authority. But with Corvid-19 closures in force it seemed to be impossible. No one was answering phone calls or E-mails. A call to the local police did yield a number to call at the National Park Service Headquarters.

Brenton requested permission to let “Ring Finders” utilize metal detectors during a specific time and for the specific lost ring. It took almost 24 hours of searching to obtain the permission. Brenton did not give up and was responsible for our search to happen legally during the next daytime low-tide. On the beach two Ring Finders, myself and Luke, were ready and with all the given information and our gear. It did not take long, maybe 5 minutes and the search was over, Brenton had his ring back on his finger.

It was great to see the three guys go from doubtful of to being amazed of how two guys would come out, look for a lost ring, find and return it within such a short time. Then it came to light, Brenton’s lucky number is 33. This return for me was number 233! It is our hobby that brings unique people that we would otherwise not have met into our life and proves good thing can come from an adverse situation. We love what we do.

Several people deserve big Thank You including Allissa for contacting, all 3 guys for marking the area of loss, the two Ring Finders and especially the Supervisory Ranger for granting permission to conduct the search on Federal Property. OH, I forgot special Thank You goes to Benton for making this story happen. He accomplished the near impossible.