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Red Deer, Lost Ring Recovered by Airdrie Ring Finder

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I got a Lost Ring call out from a young lady in Red Deer, Alberta, approximately 70 kilometers north of my home in Airdrie,  it’s about a 1 hour drive.  She had lost her White Gold and Diamond graduation ring in the snow at Red Deer College.  She knew approximately where it might be and was crushed by it’s loss as it held a lot of sentimental value.

After setting up my grid search it took 10 minutes for me to locate her ring for her, She was ecstatic as you can see from the photo.
One more example of why not to give up on that lost ring even if it’s in the snow.   The Ring Finders can recover that ring for you just call us as soon as you can.
For Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane,  Crossfield, Carstairs, Irricana, Beiseker, Didsbury, Olds, Bowden, Innisfail and Red Deer .  .  .  call Bill Jones ( The Detectorist ) 403-701-1739  or Email

1980 High School Silver Grad Ring Found In Aldergrove Lake

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This story was about a 1980 silver high school grad ring that was lost in a lake in Aldergrove BC. Its hard to see the ring but she’s holding on tightly to it!

This was a good hour drive from the city and when I arrived to search for the ring I was surprised that when I got close to the middle of the lake my detector was beeping like crazy.

This limited my search and I knew if she had lost it in the middle of the lake I’d have no chance of recovering the ring for her. That being said she had put me in a good area and within 4 minutes I found her ring… She found her smile!

Note: 3 blogs down I talk about this lake and you can see that there is no water in lake as it had been drained. In this picture you can see the water behind her…

I love my job!

If you’ve lost your ring contact me ASAP…I’d be happy to find it for you!