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1980 High School Silver Grad Ring Found In Aldergrove Lake

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This story was about a 1980 silver high school grad ring that was lost in a lake in Aldergrove BC. Its hard to see the ring but she’s holding on tightly to it!

This was a good hour drive from the city and when I arrived to search for the ring I was surprised that when I got close to the middle of the lake my detector was beeping like crazy.

This limited my search and I knew if she had lost it in the middle of the lake I’d have no chance of recovering the ring for her. That being said she had put me in a good area and within 4 minutes I found her ring… She found her smile!

Note: 3 blogs down I talk about this lake and you can see that there is no water in lake as it had been drained. In this picture you can see the water behind her…

I love my job!

If you’ve lost your ring contact me ASAP…I’d be happy to find it for you!