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Found Jewelry Amongst Glendale Fire Ashes

  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)


Mike lost about 60-70% in a fire in Glendale, CA a couple months ago. He got ahold of me through the RingFinders website and chose me due to my fire recovery experience from many previous fires. I pulled up to a large two story house up in the mountains. Once he showed me where his mother’s closet was, where a lot of the jewelry had been stored, it seemed like the majority of the second story and the roof had collapsed onto the first story. So I made a grid of the area, set up sifting screens, and methodically started to shovel material into the screens from one corner of the house to the other. After a short amount of time I began to find glass crystals which were remnants from a large chandelier, and many other artifacts that the family had from previous generations. After a couple hours of digging, I recovered a small, melted box that held many pieces of jewelry including a beautiful large, white gold cross covered with stones. After a little more searching, I made the plan to come back another day during daylight. About three weeks later after the heavy rain had died down, I returned to the site. Hesitant to climb a ladder to the second story, with a rickety burnt out floor and no roof, I started the same process on the second floor for other lost jewelry from a bedroom bureau. Right away I began to find earrings, charms, medallions, and many charred coins. I couldn’t find everything they had lost in the fire, but recovered everything that I could, that I could safely get to. Mike was very happy to call his wife and mother to tell them about the recovered jewelry that they believed was lost forever. They are looking forward to rebuilding their lives in a newly modeled home.