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Pike Lake~Minto, Ontario~Late Uncle’s lost wedding band recovered & returned from the water

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

2017-08-14 – Pike Lake, Ontario

Heather R from Milton, Ontario was recommended by a mutual Friend for me to assist in the recovery of her late Uncle Paul’s lost wedding band. He lost his wedding band approximately 6 or 7 years ago at a dock area of Pike Lake while washing his hands in the water. At the time of the lose they couldn’t find his ring and notched out a mark on the dock.

Heather, Greg & Max picked me up and proceeded promptly to Pike Lake that day.

I found a few items (fishing hook/coins and metal) and with-in 20 minutes I found her late Uncle’s wedding band. Heather proceeded to call her Aunt to verify and it was with happy tears confirmed to be his.

A few days later we all met Heather’s Aunt in Brampton for the joyous return of their now Family Heirloom.

I have myself a great new Friend of Heather and her Family and look forward to going back to Pike Lake (with permission) to clean up their beach!! Labour of Love!

Thank you Heather for you and your Aunt’s charitable donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation!! Grateful for your kindness!


Here’s the video link;



  Heather’s late Uncle’s ring

Max & Ally

The Family Heirloom returned!!

Thick Silver Wedding Band lost at Pitt lake…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I get a call from a young man and he tells me that he lost his wedding band in the Pitt Meadows area in BC.

He goes on to tell me that he lost it where he was fishing and he knew the exact area at Pitt lake where his large silver ring came off his finger.

I agree to meet him and we drove out together to find his ring, when I get there its full of weeds and the water was ankle deep.

I thought it might be difficult to find the area but he was sure he knew where it was, we didn’t have much time as this is a tidal river and the tide was coming in!

He spots the area and I begin to search quickly, it shouldn’t take long as he was sure this was the area, I thought to myself. After 15 minutes and no ring I started to think maybe we were in the wrong spot.

Just then he calls out to me and said maybe its this spot here…The tide was moving in very fast and it was getting close to my knees now so I knew we didn’t have much time.

I started my grid search in the new area and within 5 minutes I received a good loud signal and there was his ring! He was so pleased and I was so happy that we found it before the water was over my head!

Check out his smile…

I love my job!

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