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Ring Lost at Ribfest found. Lake in the Hills, Il.

  • from Rockford (Illinois, United States)

The Morning of July 11th, 2022 I received a voicemail from Dana. She said that her husband had lost his wedding ring the night before at the annual Ribfest near their home. She said that the crews were there taking down the tables and chairs but they had already secured permission from the crew and the local police to conduct a search. I brought along my wife Jennifer since the ring was lost in such a large area, I figured 2 people could cover more ground much quicker.  After meeting up with Dana and her husband John we grabbed our gear and the 4 of us walked over to the area where John had been sitting during the festivities. John gave us a rough outline of the areas where he had moved around to during his time there and where he had been sitting most of that time. I decided to start at the farthest point and work back towards where John had been sitting,  while that’s where Jen started. John and Dana said they were going to walk back home and to call or text them if we found it. Before I could get to the far end Jen said she had a strong, shallow signal, so I went back to help her retrieve it from the hard packed dirt. Bam! Jen’s first signal! Right where John said he was sitting was John’s ring! In less than 10 minutes I sent Dana a text with pictures saying “Good news!!”

Orleans, Cape Cod: A ring lost in the sand was found and returned by a Ring Finder

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Trying to teach children how to do a hand stand in a lake lead to a lost ring. That is just what happened to Justin. Unlike Little Tom Thumb, Justin stuck his hand into the sand and pulled it out without his wedding band. Unable to find it by himself, Justin’s mother contacted J&E Enterprise to rent a detector and ended up with a better alternative – contacting a Ring Finder, in this case, me. I left home within an hour of being contacted, in the water 45 minutes later and within another 5 minuets Justin was wearing his ring again. As for me…I did not get my swimming trunks wet.

The beach was filled with family members who all gathered around to make a grand picture of smiles.