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Gold in the Attic!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

A local newspaper here in Vancouver did a story about my service ”Finders” This always gets me a rush of work as people remember what they’ve lost and wonder if I could find it for them.

This story is about a man who was laying out insulation in his attic and after he was done he noticed his gold coin ring was gone. Thanks to the story that was in the local paper he now had a feeling that his ring could be found.

I showed up to his house and we talk about the search, I explain that it could be difficult due to all the nails in the area that I needed to search. We took a nice sheet of plywood and laid it down to give me something to sit on as I metal detected the insulation. This could take sometime as it was a big area I had to cover.

I was getting a lot of signals for nails as I expected but I kept watching my visual display on my metal detector for a ring signal. That signal came after just 10 minutes and out from the insulation came his beautiful gold coin ring.

I think the owner was in shock as he didn’t think he’d ever see that ring again…

I love my job!

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