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Man’s Wedding Ring Lost, Orlando, Florida…..Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Ever had the hankering for a good ol food fight?  Well Josh had volunteered to help out his church youth group and that is exactly what was planned for the main event.  It was outdoors on a large patch of thick Florida crab grass that the food flinging free-for-all took place.  They had a great time throwing all sorts of stuff back and forth and it wasn’t until they began hosing each other off that Josh realized his ring was not on his finger.

The following day Josh decided to rent a metal detector and spent the next two days searching the thick grass without success.  During his search to rent a detector Josh found theringfinders.com on line and gave me a call and explained his dilemma.  I assured him that I would be more than happy to meet him and look for his ring and encouraged him to call me after he returned the rental.

Two days later Josh called and we agreed to meet at the “food fight site”!  He showed me where the different stations were set up and then ended by explaining that the shaving cream fight mainly covered a certain area off to one side.  So I set up my flags outlining the key areas and began systematically searching.  I found a ton of pennies, which I found out later were also used during the event!  It took about an hour and then came the magic moment!  There was Josh’s ring, all caked in dried shaving cream and just waiting to be found.  I immediately cleaned the ring with my drinking water and then texted Josh with the Good News!

Thank you Josh for your generous reward and keep up the good work with the kids!

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