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Unusual request for hunt in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Found in less than 5 minutes. Ready for next July 4th!!!

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

Received a long distant call from a woman to look for an item. Her parents, who live in Lincolnshire, Illinois, have been searching for a flag pole hole that was buried over two years ago. They knew the area and have been searching for it for two years. They wanted to put up their flag. She asked me if that was something I could find. I told her it was. She said that ” My dad is ┬áskeptical, doesn’t think you’ll find it – haha! It took me less than five minutes! It was an aluminum sleeve, that the flag pole slipped into. He had the flagpole. I just took a reading off of it, so I knew where it would fall. It was encased in cement. As soon as I got the hit, I used my long screwdriver to probe and bingo! Solid concrete. Happy ending. The flag missed July Fourth, but it can go up now.