Wedding Ring Lost Two Years Ago, FOUND, in Quarryville, PA

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

I was contacted by Patrick staying he had lost his titanium wedding band two years ago while mowing his yard. He took his ring off and sat it on the tractor while washing his hands. After he began to mow again, he realized what he had done and the ring had fallen off somewhere in the yard. He would occasionally search for it using a cheap metal detector but with no luck. He decided after two years he would see if anyone searched professionally. He found “The Ring Finders” and immediately called me. I met Patrick at his home and he showed me where he thought it fell off his tractor.  After about 30 min of searching with my Garrett ATPro, I was able to happily return his wedding band to him. I found the ring about 2 inches in the ground and although dirty had no damage to it.