Lost Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring in Toronto Ontario...Found!

from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 905-208-4440

DIAMOND RINGHad a great Toronto Ring Finders call last night from a husband explaining that his wife could not stop crying about her Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring she had just lost. Kim had been out walking the dog along a local path that night and when she got home noticed her beautiful ring was missing off her her hand. She looked throughout the house and finally realized she must have lost it outside along the 1/2 mile walk she was on. The weather in Toronto has been quite cold for April and the cold temperature must have made her hands shrink. With flashlight in hand Kim headed out in the pitch dark and went up and down the snow covered path with no luck. I can’t imagine how devastating this must have felt, the ring was an absolutely beautiful Platinum band with an exquisite Princess cut Diamond. Not to mention the sentimental value of loosing an engagement ring would be the worst feeling……. but they found me on the Ring Finders Toronto page and there was a glimmer of hope. I had told them that last year I returned over 50 rings to people in the same shoes, not to worry and I would be over first thing. I told my wife and 2 adult daughters the story and they were all pretty adamant that I get there first thing before a passer by finds it before me.

When I arrived I met Kim a very nice young Lady and her Dog Georgie an awesome bulldog (my favorite dog) and they took me to the path. OMG she walked 1/2 a mile along the path weaving on and off the trail as the dog did his business. I told Kim that it was a huge area to look and most people have a better idea of where the ring came off within a smaller area like a back yard. This was going to take all my know how and tactics to find this ring…. it literally was a needle in a haystack. Actually that would be easier to find.

Kim left me to do my work and said she was easily available by cell and not far if I needed her, so, I started walking the path up and down which was taking about 30 minutes a pass. The ground still had lots of snow covering it which in my mind, made me think the Ring was somewhat suspended over the solid ground. This is ideal because there are tonnes of metallic targets in the ground that make a detector go off like pull tabs and pop tops. These objects sound just like Rings and if Kim’s rings is a bit higher off the ground it will lessen the other bad signals. With enough experience and the right equipment ( my detector is a Pro series worth $2800.+) you can also identify which are good and bad signals and which ones are close to the coil.  I have found literally hundreds of rings and have one secret technique that helps me find some of the most beautiful rings you’ve ever seen. I have also found very deep old rings with this exceptional detector.Last year I found a Gold Ring dated 1882 on the inside and it made American Digger magazine in the states. However that was last year and here I was on a half mile long haystack and I wasn’t leaving without finding this one for Kim and her husband.

So I started off and had made about 3 passes up and down the 1/2 mile of path, I noticed that the snow was melting fast and there wasn’t time to loose. I remembered she had said she watched her dog poop in this one area and as a responsible dog owner gathered it up in a plastic bag for disposal. Usually you focus on an area like this because the hands are going in and out of pockets more creating a great opportunity for a Ring to pop off. After another hour as I must admit I was getting a little discouraged I heard a low grunting signal. A Very familiar signal! ………  I called Kim and as you can see on the following youtube video the rest is what all of us were waiting for…….



Diamond Platnium Ring


2 Replies to “Lost Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring in Toronto Ontario…Found!”

  1. Ken Murray says:

    You’re the man Steve!!! I am so thankful that I was able to find someone like you to help my wife (who was hysterical when she lost her ring) and I was stuck in Edmonton with nothing I could do. Thanks for being such an honest guy!

    1. Steve Zmd says:

      It was truly a pleasure helping my new South African friends out. Ken and Kim you seem like a happily married couple and it would have been a shame to have lost such a beautiful token of your marriage. Looking forward to stopping by for some boerewors on the braai (south african sausage on the bbq) this summer. Cheers

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