Steve Wagner, Author at The Ring Finders

Lost wedding Ring found at Strouds Run

from Marietta (Ohio, United States)

I was contacted by Derrick and we made arrangements to meet on 4/21/17. here is a quick summery of the days events in his words;

About seven months ago I was playing volleyball at a local state park with a few members from church. It was a hot day, and my ring which was a size too big would often slide off my finger. After about an hour or so I noticed my ring was missing. My friend and I looked all over and were unable to locate it. The following day I purchased my own metal detector to try and find my ring, but I had no luck. 

I contacted The Ring Finders in hopes of throwing a Hail Mary. Steve did a phenomenal job and was committed to finding my ring. It took him all of four hours to locate it. The ring was in perfect condition. I would highly recommend these guys. 

Thanks Steve & The Ring Finders
Derrick R.

Another property pin found. Not a ring.

from Marietta (Ohio, United States)

While metal detecting an old farm, I had a gentleman stop by and inquire about my metal detecting. After talking and telling him the story of finding the property pins, he replied “I have a pin that needs located, do you suppose you can find it?” I said that I would “give it a try” and off we went. He said that he could get me within 10′ of the pin! After about 1/2 hour and 40′ from where he thought the pin was, I had found it. He was surprised and relieved that it was found. It’s not jewelry or family heirlooms but I still enjoy helping people find lost metal of all kind.

Lost property corner pins….Not a ring

from Marietta (Ohio, United States)

December of 2016 I received a call from a gentleman not too far from me. He found me on the internet searching “Marietta metal detector” He was wanting to locate his corner pins of his property and was going to buy a metal detector to locate them. After seeing my ad here on The Ring Finders, he decided to see if I could locate them instead of the purchase. I told him “I’d do my best” and made arrangements to meet up. I never thought it would be that hard to locate the pins!! I did find 2 rather quickly but the other two was very difficult. We ended up getting the Deed to the property and found the other ones using references in the Deed. The pins were located and he was very happy. He insisted on giving me a donation because as he stated “Metal detectors and surveyors are NOT cheap!” Just glad I could help!


Forked Run state park beach, another men’s wedding band found

from Marietta (Ohio, United States)

Of course I had to take my metal detector with us on or family vacation to the beach. Long story short, I found a child’s costume ring and a men’s wedding band. No one at the beach nearby had lost it so I placed an ad in the Outer Banks Craigslist lost/found. The owner has yet to be found. The ring was found around 6/23/16. Anyone know of anyone who lost a men’s wedding band before that date please let me know!


8/5/2016 I headed to Forked Run state park to hunt the sandy area of the beach. I decided to use my Garrett AT Pro in the water at the beach and see what’s out there. A few coins, a costume pendant and a men’s wedding band was found. I took the wedding band to the campground check in and filled out a lost/found tag and turned it in to the park ranger. Hopefully the rightful owner will show up and claim it. Finding these items are fun but nothing is more enjoyable than reuniting them with the owners. Steve

Lost Ring in Beverly and McConnelsville Ohio

from Marietta (Ohio, United States)

I have a friend who was at a local park festival.  While doing a kids activity she lost her wedding band.  She mentioned it to me and I knew my cousin had a metal detector.  He wasn’t available so he let me borrow it.  I searched for about a half hour and because she knew the area where it was lost, it didn’t take long.  She was so relieved and thankful.  That event started my interest in metal detecting.  Sometime later, the same friend knew someone who lost her wedding ring at a Relay for Life event.  She called me and I took my metal detector and after about an hour I was able to find her ring also.  Since then I have purchased better equipment and have found several rings and other items since.  It’s a great hobby that I really enjoy.