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Lost a ring or other metal valuable in a grassy or sandy area? Jewelry slip off of you while working outside or swimming? Please call me ASAP at (843)995-4719. I offer a free metal detecting service, reward optional but appreciated!

Kelly messaged me through my Dunedin Ring Finder page after someone referred me from a local discussion page called Palm Harbor Happenings. Earlier that day she and her husband were throwing a football at the beach  when Kelly’s large gold ring given to her by her grandmother flew off her hand into the water. I met Kelly on site the following day at approximately the same tide time and she showed me the area fairly close to a rock breakwater where she thought the ring may have landed. At the time the water was knee to waist deep. I grid searched for a couple of hours while Kelly looked on but only recovered a few coins and some beach trash. Kelly had to go to work so I searched an hour longer but  no luck. I left the beach and returned at low tide later in the day but only recovered a few more coins, fishing weights and a costume jewelry earring. After a long day of searching including around the breakwater, I told Kelly I would return the next day and retrace my steps in the area she had initially pointed out. Late the next afternoon I had been searching for about an hour when I got a steady 9 VDI on the Equinox 600. After a couple of scoops I pulled Kelly’s beautiful ring out of the water! She was ecstatic (followed by seven exclamation points)! I returned this beautiful ring to her the next morning. Kelly, thank you for contacting me and trusting the Dunedin Ring Finder to return your grandmother’s ring to you. And thank you for the generous reward!

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