Iphone Found Buried in the Sand Returned to Owner, Venice Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











If you lose your valuable in a place where a metal detector can be used, I am available to help, call now. .. 949-500-2136 .

 *****While searching for silver ring at a volleyball court on the sand at Venice Beach, CA. I found a IPhone X buried next to the posts that hold the net.

Later that night after returning home, I charged the phone. There was a notification saying,” This is a lost phone please call a number listed.” I called the number getting a friend of Christina, the owner of the phone.

Christina called me a few minutes later and we made arrangements for her to pick up her phone. When she met me she couldn’t understand how her phone ended up buried in a plastic bag in a location she had never been. It probably got picked up by someone who didn’t want to get located in possession of the IPhone. These phones have location apps that can be traced back to where they have been lost.

The important thing was that we were able to get Christina’s phone back to her. She was very grateful, saying I saved her a thousand dollars. Being a college student, it’s not easy to come up with the money to replace a smart phone.

‘I can help you, I WILL TRY ANYWHERE ‘