Lost Platinum and Diamond Wedding Ring in Sand .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)














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Lisa and her friends had taken their you kids to Balboa Island for a few hours at the beach. There are several small beaches on the inter bay where the water is free of waves and it is not windy.

The children were getting tired after a few hours, so they prepared to return home. That’s when Lisa realized her platinum and diamond wedding ring was missing from her finger. It had to be in the dry sand because she had not been in the water. Everyone searched for the ring with no success. 

It was getting frustrating with the kids getting tired and hungry. Lisa called her husband, Ryan. He was at work where he couldn’t leave so he went online where he found my contact information. I was in my car with  my detectors when he called. It was a coincidence that I was less than a mile from where Lisa was waiting for help to find her precious wedding ring.

We met and it was a matter of a few minutes till my metal detector was able to locate her ring. I have a lot of respect for mothers of young children. It was a pleasure to help Lisa find her ring and get on her way to get the kids home for their lunch and afternoon nap.

Lisa was a little camera shy so I got to pose for photo with the ring for the book of smiles.