Lost Platinum Diamond Wedding Rings in Sand at Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found

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I received a email early Saturday morning from Catalina saying she had lost her wedding rings in the sand at Laguna Beach the day before. I immediately sent her a reply asking for her to call me as soon as possible. This is a small beach we have to get there first thing this morning.

I wasn’t sure when she would read my email reply, so I sent her another email telling her I was going to drive to the beach while waiting for her call. If she could meet me there it would help.

Just as I drove into the parking lot, I could see a lady on the sand looking down kicking her feet through the sand. It was Catalina and she ran over to meet me. I almost knew what she was going to tell me. Catalina said that she taken off her rings to apply sunscreen on her daughter. She didn’t discover that her rings were missing till later that night. 

We had the whole beach to ourselves and the search area was only about 25 x 25 ft. It didn’t take long to find the two very nice Platinum Diamond Rings. Catalina was standing next to me when I scooped up the rings and they made a loud clanking noise as they hit the bottom of the stainless steel scoop.

I said to her we got them and the look on her face was indescribable. A look of relief and joy at the same time.

I don’t want to seem like I’m exaggerating about getting to that beach so fast. It is a small busy beach and with summer just starting there are more people with metal detectors on the beach. Most of them would return a ring if they could find the owner. The problem is that it is not easy to find the person that lost the ring. Craigslist or lost and found posters in the area are not very successful.

Catalina was very happy and grateful to have her rings back. It was a pleasure to help her.

If you lost anything in a public place , Please Call or Text   “As Soon As Possible” .. Emails sometimes cause a delay.


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