Lost Gold Wedding Ring in Sand at Malibu, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











Shani had been at Surfrider Beach in Malibu, CA. with her friend, Julie. After coming out of the restroom, just before stepping onto the sand, Shani shook her hands. At that moment her gold wedding band slipped off her finger disappearing into the dry sand.

The lifeguards recommended that they google TheRingFinders website. That was how Julie contacted me. I asked if the loss was dry sand or in the water and if they could wait an hour and a half for me to get to their location. From what they told me, I assured them we had a good chance to find her ring. It was a weekend day and I was lucky to get a parking space close to where Shani and Julie were waiting.

Shani showed me where she was standing when the ring came off her finger. Starting to grid search from the edge of the sidewalk down a gradual slope, I was probably 20 feet away when I got a great signal that turned out to be Shani’s ring. It wasn’t a heavy ring but it surprised me how far it had gone with just a little shake of her hand. Nevertheless everyone was overjoyed that the ring was found and they could return home after a beautiful day on the beach.

If you have lost anything in a public place Please!! Call or Text “As soon as possible “ Email is too slow,


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