Lost Diamond Wedding Ring at Huntington State Beach .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












I was at Huntington Beach metal detecting when Patrick called. He had been given my number by a fellow member of TheRingFinders, Michael Trollmann.

Three days before Patrick had  a family get together at Huntington State Beach. They spent the first part of the day up near the water playing ball and enjoying the waves. Patrick’s sister in-law put her wedding ring in the cupholder of the beach chair, not realizing that the cupholder had a hole in the bottom.

Later that afternoon they moved about 75 yards to the beach fire pits. Just before leaving she remembered her ring. Checking the beach chair, the ring was gone. The next morning they all met on the beach with sifting equipment searching both locations with negative results. 

The third day Patrick posted a his story in The Huntington Beach Community Forum, a Facebook group. Michael contacted him telling him about TheRingFinders and gave him my phone number because he couldn’t leave work. 

It was a coincident that I was only two lifeguard towers away from the location of the loss. I started searching the general area until Patrick could meet me. After showing me the massive search area, I put together a search plan. First a quick search of the fire pit location, second return to the waterfront towel line and last to search the 75 yards plus they had walked when they moved.

I told Patrick, if he had other things to do, this may take a few hours. He lives a few blocks away. The fire pits yielded nothing so I went back to the beach front. Finishing up the grid search I had started earlier. BOOM!! White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring in the scoop.

I called Patrick and we met on the beach. He told me he had mostly given up hope that the ring could be found. All he had to do was send a photo to his brother to make sure it was the right ring. Everything checked out to be the correct ring. And there were several happy family members plus Patrick posted the successful recovery of the ring on the Huntington Beach Community Forum. Last I looked it had 2.2k Likes and 137 Comments. More people know about TheRingFinders.com.

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