Small Gold Heart Pendant Lost at Huntington State Beach .. Found

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I was at Huntington State Beach doing a grid search for a ring that was possibly lost in a massive area, when Lauren and her twin sister, Lexis asked me if I could help them find a small gold heart pendant that was lost in the sand. 

It was beginning to get dark . I took a little break from my other search to give them a half hour and see the location with Lauren’s explanation of how the small pendant was lost. It seems the neckless had become unlatched while the Lauren was playing a game in the sand with her friends. Her twin sister had a matching pendant that were family heirlooms passed down from her mother and grandmother, irreplaceable and very sentimental. We were able to test my detector settings using the matching pendant and even though it was small my detector could get a signal.

I could not find the pendant that evening in a 50’x 50’ area but I knew I would be coming back the next day, so I took a phone number of their father. They thanked me for trying and I think they didn’t believe that I would return the next day.

The next day with nice sunny weather, I used my metal detector set up with a high frequency coil. The area was relatively free of metal trash which made it easy to listen for tones of small metallic targets. After about a half hour I was able to find Lauren’s small gold heart pendant. (Total weight of the pendant was .63 grams)

I sent a photo of the pendant to Jeremy, Lauren’s father and we met the next afternoon so I could personally return the pendant. He took time to thank me, telling me how much these family heirlooms meant to his twin daughters. That is why I love doing this. 

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