Lost Tiffany Ring in Yard .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

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Janet called me the other evening just before dark. She ask my help to find her daughter’s silver Tiffany mesh ring. Lost in the front yard of their home. They live less than a mile from my location and there was enough light to begin the search, so I met them shortly after the call.

Hanna was there to show me where she had pinched her hand while shutting the front gate. She shook her hand and her ring went flying somewhere in the front yard grass, the landscape garden or the driveway. She thought she heard it land in the garden.

They had moved the cars in the driveway and visually searched the cement areas. I searched the lawn and the garden with my normal metal detector and the handheld pinpointer. Paying attention to the plants that the ring could have hung up. Double checking the brick type fence post there was about a one inch space underneath the first brick. That was where Hanna’s ring was hiding. 

Everybody was surprised the they had not spotted the ring while searching earlier in the day when it was light. We eliminated the other possible locations which caused us to double check previously searched areas.

Hanna’s smile shows how happy she was to have her ring back where it belongs.

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  1. Marshall says:

    Excellent story and good detective work! Thanks for posting.

    Marshall in San Francisco

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