Lost Palladium Wedding Ring in Sand at Hermosa Beach, CA. ..Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











Pedro had been at Hermosa Beach, CA. with a group of his Marine friends. They had met up to have a little reunion along with playing volleyball in the sand. It was a great get together, except when Pedro returned  home that evening his Palladium wedding band was missing. He had lost some weight and it was loose so he assumed it had come off while playing volleyball. 

The ring was purchased eight years ago in Brazil and had become part of him with irreplaceable sentimental value. He returned that evening spending several hours crawling on his hands and knees searching for the ring. The next morning he found TheRingFinders on line calling me to set up a time to meet on the beach that morning.

It was now Saturday morning and he had asked the people using the volleyball court if we could have a few minutes to search for the missing ring. After completing the   grid search of the court I went to the outside the edges of boundary lines. I was getting coins and other metal targets so I knew this area probably had not been searched by other detectorist. By now I was beginning to run out of search area and it was not looking good. Then the magic happened, a nice solid tone with a quick dig with my sand scoop, there was Pedro’s palladium wedding ring. He was overjoyed and the people that gave us time to search the court also celebrated the find.