Lost Diamond Ring in Bed of Nails at Aliso Beach .. Recovered with Metal Detector

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Sunday, Don and his wife Karina had been at Aliso Beach near Laguna Beach, CA. Karina had put her white gold diamond ring in the pocket of her shorts. When they returned home she went to retrieve her ring and it was not in the pocket. It must be at the beach?

Don took the next day off work, rented a metal detector and spent three hours finding several hand fulls of metal trash, mostly nails. A passerby suggested that he contact TheRingFinders website. It was 4:30pm when I talked to Don. He wanted to know if I was available today or tomorrow? Knowing the beach, I told him tomorrow may be too late. 

I met Don at the location, he was standing next to his rental metal detector with a pile of nails, stacked on top of the trash can. He was totally frustrated and at his wits end. This was an area that had been a fire pit. People burn wood pallets that are loaded with nails. In one way I was glad that the possible loss of the ring was in a trashy area, because other detectorist avoid searching these type areas. Another possible problem was Don had pushed a lot of the dry surface sand down a slight embankment which could have buried the ring out of detection depth.

I have practiced many hours with my detectors for this type search. It was a small area but it took a lot of concentration to listen for the right tone. My alternate plan would be to return the next day with my sifting equipment. After about an hour I got a mixed signal which turned out to be Karina’s beautiful white gold diamond ring in my scoop with two nails.

Don told me he had all but given up as he saw me nearing the end of the area. He had walked away to put things in his car. When he walked up to me he was expecting me to tell him that I couldn’t find it. Nevertheless he was surprised to see me hold up the very special ring. Another happy day for him and his wife Karina.

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