Ring Lost Off Fourth Floor Balcony .. West Los Angeles, CA. .. Found After Four Months

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












Georgina lives West Los Angeles. Her apartment is on the fourth floor. Four months ago she walked out on her balcony where she picked up a small hand full of leaves. She tossed the leaves off the balcony and her very special Cartier gold ring came off her finger at that same moment. She could hear the ring hit some cement or the rod iron fence separating the neighbors property. Her fear was that the ring may have gone over the fence.

After arriving Georgina told me she had another person with a metal detector search for the ring with no success. It was only about 15 or 20 feet from the balcony to the neighbor’s property. The landscaping below her apartment had two levels of plants. The top level was only 3 feet wide and was covered with leaves. The lower level was 6 feet wide with thick 3 foot high plants. I had two detectors with small coils but it was impossible to use them in the lower planter.

I had to bring out the hand held pinpointer to probe into the thick vegetation. Meantime I could see Georgina was starting to lose confidence that the ring could be found with such a small detector. She could hear the pinpointer sound every time it located a piece of metallic trash. After about 20 minutes of checking every metal signal. I reached down, with plants over my head, to remove what I thought was a piece of tinfoil.  It turned out to be Georgina’s very special ring. It had been waiting there to be found for more than four months.

Georgina was so happy that her ring had been found that she could barely speak. This ring was a gift from her husband many years ago, when she had received a promotion at her job. We went back into the lobby of the apartments where I received hugs from several of the workers and I was able to visit and tell ring recovery stories. Every search is a challenge and an adventure. This is all possible because of all the new technology, especially the internet and TheRingFinders.com.