Lost Diamond Wedding Rings .. Santa Monica Beach .. Found

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Michelle was visiting from Boston. Saturday she went to Santa Monica Beach near the pier with her mother and sister to take advantage of our weather. After most the afternoon on the beach they went up to the pier for dinner and a few drinks. That was when Michelle realized her two ring wedding set was missing. The last time she saw them was when she set them on the edge of her towel to apply sunscreen.

They walked a couple blocks back to the spot just before sunset but after 2 hours could not find the two white gold diamond rings. 

By the time they got online to locate me, it was after 10pm. Michelle said they would stay to meet me at 11pm. We met on the beach in an area between the first two lifeguard towers south of the pier. The next day was Sunday and there would be other people with detectors on that beach. 

It was dark, cold, and they were tired. Also a few extra adult beverages while waiting may have contributed to the confusion getting me in the exact location. I assured them that I could search the whole area but it would take a couple hours. It had been a long day for them so they decided to go back to their hotel. Basically they had given up hope that the rings could be found.

Later while working a methodical grid search, two other guys with metal detectors were working the same location at midnight. They were wondering through the general area and didn’t know what I knew, but I still worried that they might find the rings first and claim them as a treasure. Soon they wandered off down the beach. Shortly after 12:30am the magic moment came, when I scooped up a metallic signal that turned out to be Michelle’s beautiful diamond engagement ring. Three feet away was her diamond wedding ring. 

I texted a photo of the rings to her and immediately she returned a call with excitement in her voice that is hard to explain. I met with her the next morning to return the rings. Part of doing this, is being able to hand the ring back to the rightful owner and seeing how grateful they are to have something so very sentimental to them back after thinking it was lost forever. 

3 Replies to “Lost Diamond Wedding Rings .. Santa Monica Beach .. Found”

  1. Griff says:

    Great work Stan. You’re committed to getting the job done immediately!

  2. Mike McInroe says:

    Way to go Stan the man!! Those are some real sparklers! And good thing you found them and not the other guys. Keep it up!!

  3. Michelle C. says:

    Stan, I am grateful to you, beyond what words can express! You are obviously amazing at what you do. I was heartsick (and sick to my stomach) when I realized that I lost my rings on Santa Monica Beach. It was especially awful, as it happened while on vacation. I’m from the east coast (Boston/Plymouth, MA) & this was my first time on the west coast. I had no idea what to do, except go back to the beach in the dark & try to look for my rings, before someone else found them. Then my mom mentioned how we had seen people with metal detectors on the beach. I then thought that maybe we could rent one & have a better chance at finding my rings. So, I did a Google search & found The Ring Finders website & Stan. It was almost 10:30pm, but it said to call anytime & I gave it a shot. I explained my situation to Stan & he said he would meet me at the beach, even though he was an hour drive away. He even continued to search for my rings after midnight, when we had to go back to our hotel. It was just after 1am, when I got the call from Stan saying that he found my rings. I was in disbelief at first & asked if he could send me a picture of them to be sure they were actually mine. As soon as I saw the picture I was flooded with emotion. Stan had found my rings, in the dark, almost 8 hours after they had fallen off the beach blanket into the sand. My eyes filled with happy tears, knowing that I would have my engagement/wedding rings back soon. The sentimental value of my rings is far greater than the monetary value to me. Especially since the center diamond of my engagement ring was my husband’s Grammy’s ring. When Stan offered to drive to our hotel the next morning to return my rings, I thought “Where did this man come from?” Stan, you are truly a genuine, nice person. Stan turned my vacation from the worst to the best. I will highly recommend Stan Ross’s services to anyone that loses their jewelry or other small valuables, in Southern California! Now I just need to find someone here on the east coast that is a kind and dependable as Stan. Thank you Stan!

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