Tiffany Wedding Ring Set Lost in Sand .. Huntington Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Shona lost her Tiffany gold and diamond wedding ring set at Huntington Beach in the sand. She had taken them off, while applying sunscreen. She then put them in the cupholder of her beach chair. A few hours later after carrying her chair and other items to her car, she remembered the rings. The rings were not in the pocket of the beach chair.

Shona went back to the beach where a lifeguard told her to check the internet for She called me and I met her on the beach a short time after our phone conversation. That’s when I heard the whole story. It could possibly be a time consuming search, as the area she walked back to her car was almost a quarter mile. Now, she was having trouble finding exactly what trash can they sat near.

From experience I felt the rings most likely fell out when she first folded up the beach chair. Shona was going through he contents  the trash cans to identify things she had thrown in them. While waiting for her to give me the exact place she sat, I started a random search. Two 20 ft. passes in the general area, I got a simple signal and when I scooped it up, there were two Tifanny wedding rings in my sand scoop. They were definitely Shona’s rings. The lifeguard happened to be standing near me. I showed him and called Shona over to surprise her so the lifeguard could experience the joy of returning the wedding rings.

This is the second time recently that an impossible search turned out to be really easy. I know from experience these rings would have not have been here the next day. The dry sand next to the Huntington Beach pier gets detected everyday and every morning the dreaded Beach King beach cleaning machines invade the beach, claiming items as small as dimes.

It was a great day, also a pleasure to meet Shona and help find her rings.

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