Surfer Lost Keys in Sand .. Huntington Beach, CA. .. Recovered with Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

While detecting at Huntington City Beach a lifeguard patrol vehicle drove up to me asking if I could help a surfer find his car keys. Most of the lifeguards know me and know I’m a member of TheRingFinders. I’m always willing to use my detector and my experience to help people who need help.
The lifeguard took me to Michael who was frantically digging in the sand where he had buried his keys before going surfing. This is not the first time I have seen this type of loss.

Michael was frustrated because he has done this many times before with no problem. He was beginning to think that somebody had seen him hide the keys and had taken them.

I have learned that key search metal detector settings should be an all metal mode. If not you might get a null instead a good tone. It depends on the materials the keys and the ring is made of.

I swung my detector coil around the inside of a 2 ft. deep hole that Michael had dug. On one side of the hole there was a positive signal. It turned out to be Michael’s car keys. Another happy surfer that didn’t have to have his car towed or pay for a locksmith to replace his keys. Both the lifeguard and Michael know how to get a metal detector expert if they need a ringfinder in the future. There’s a ringfinder directory as near as your celphone or computer.










If you lose something in the dry sand, mark the area and get landmarks that will help you return to the general area. Call a metal detector expert from TheRingFinders ASAP. Some beaches get daily sand cleaning machines that may end up claiming your valuable before we have a chance to find it with a metal detector. We want to optimize our chances of finding your sentimental keepsake. Timing is important. I am listed at the following locations, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Crystal Cove, Corona Delmar, Balboa Beach, Huntington Beach, Bolsa Chica State Beach, Huntington State Beach, Oceanside, San Clemente, Doheny State Beach, Dana Point, Aliso Beach, Seal Beach, Long Beach, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Malibu, Paradise Cove, Westwood, LosAngeles, Hollywood, including all of Orange and LA counties. “I Will Try Anywhere”



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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Way to go Stan! I had a young man do the same thing with his wallet and thankfully he had a single car key inside his wallet. People must do this “bury their stuff” thing more often than we think!!

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