White Gold Diamond Wedding Band Lost In Grass .. Near Disneyland, Anahiem,CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Brittany sent me a text about 4pm from Disneyland while waiting in line for one of the amusement rides. She had lost her wedding ring earlier that morning in a lawn near their hotel. She asked if I could help explaining they would be leaving tomorrow.
I called her to get some details, telling her that I could meet them after they return to their hotel later that night. She was able to send me an address where we could meet. We had a little delay meeting because it was Disneyland parking lots are very congested at closing time.
It was 10pm when Brittany’s husband Justin walked me to an small lawn in front of a RV park. That morning as they walked on a public sidewalk to a nearby restaurant Brittany made a jester with her hand and both rings of her wedding ring set went flying into the 8’x 20′ lawn area. They found the engagement ring on the sidewalk but after an hour searching the lawn they had to leave to share the day with their two children at Disneyland.
I thought this was going to be quick and easy. I got my CTX 3030 metal detector out of my car and started to search the lawn. A security guard walked up to me asking me to leave as this was private property. I asked him when the office would open in the morning, thinking it would not be a problem if I talked to the daytime manager.
We were sure the ring was there and it would not go anywhere before the next morning. I drove back the next morning to talk directly to the RV park manager. Again the same response that I got from the security guard, company policy would not allow me to use my metal detector on that small lawn. The manager did say we could look, but ” no metal detector.”
I tried to be polite thinking this may take days to go through the upper management to get proper permission. Nevertheless I went out the lawn and began a slow eyeball search. I did have a handheld pinpointer in pocket. ( it doesn’t look like a big metal detector).
It did take about a half hour on my hands and knees but the wedding ring showed up 8 ft. away from where the engagement ring was found. It was not in the grass. It was not visible and was under some leaves in shrubs.
Brittany had been busy with her two youngsters and trying to talk to the manager of the RV park. I met her as she was walking out to tell me thanks and that I shouldn’t look any longer. She had given up. I then showed her the ring which brought tears of joy to her face and a big smile.

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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Way to stick with it even tho they said NO!! Hard to believe they would not even consider it knowing you would not be digging holes or anything like that! Nice work!

  2. Sean Boddie says:

    Great effort Stan! Aren’t these security guards a pain in the proverbial. Company policy eh, it annoys me when they just make this stuff up which is usually the case in my experience. Never ever have I had a problem with the police (they’re just curious) but over authoritative and unreasonable security people, mmm! Shame there is no law against theft by preventing search and recovery or perhaps there is?

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