Wedding Ring Lost Playing Volleyball .. Santa Monica, CA. .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

It was about 6:30pm when a lady named Esmot called me from Santa Monica asking my help to find her husband’s wedding band. He had lost it in the sand while playing volleyball.
I met them an hour later where the loss occurred. Esmot and her husband Salmon showed me the area where he had felt the ring come off his finger. I backed off about 10 feet to get a few practice swings in before getting serious. Immediately there was a signal. I went to grab my sand scoop to checkout the signal. The sand scoop was still in my car just a short distance from the search location. I almost tried to retrieve the target by hand but I didn’t want to look stupid, a ring can just keep slipping through your fingers in the sand.
Handing my detector for Esmot to hold while I retrieved my sand scoop from my car. On my walk back to the volleyball court, they came walking towards me with big smiles. They had found it using my metal detector. Esmot got curious while holding the detector, so she swung it over the spot where I had a signal. She put her hand in the sand finding the ring right away. Very lucky for her, ask anybody that has spent hours searching sand with their fingers.
They were very happy as newlyweds that have only had the matching rings for 4 months. We took a few minutes to take a few photos then the took of to meet their friends for dinner.