Lost Wedding Ring .. Dana Point, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Janene called me asking me if I could help her find her diamond wedding ring. She had a stressful day and the last time she saw her ring was when she parked her car down the street from her home. She didn’t realize the ring was missing until the next day. Somewhere between where she parked her car or possibly in the house she believed her ring was lost. I agreed to come to her place explaining that I could help her eliminate the outside areas but my large detector probably would be of no use inside the house. Nevertheless we could check the trash and other places that could conceal a ring with my pinpointer (handheld detector)
After doing the front lawns and landscaped areas outside we went through two big bags of trash with no results, we went into the house starting in the bedroom. I began by checking a shag rug. I had asked Janene what she might have been doing the evening of her loss. She folded and put laundry in her drawers. This is the kind of action that may lead to the loss of her ring. Or there have been other times when I’ve heard that a ring lying on a counter got knocked into a open drawer.
Sure enough the beautiful white gold diamond wedding ring was in the drawer with the clean clothes. A very happy lady that gave me credit for staying positive and pushing her to check the drawers.