Lost Ring at Beach Tot Lot .. Balboa Pier, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Keyvan called me after losing his custom designed wedding band. He felt it come off his finger while pushing his daughter on the swings at the beach. After a frustrating hour of searching the sand his wife had Google searched metal detector where my name came up on TheRingFinders.com.
The loss occurred at a beach playground area near the Balboa Beach pier which is only a couple miles from my home. There was some traffic problems but I was able to get there in about 20 minutes. It was an easy search and we had the ring back on Keyvan’s finger a few minutes after arriving.
When I arrived there was a audience of more than a dozen people that had heard that a guy with a metal detector was coming to find the ring. After scooping up the ring on my first pass there was applause and congratulations from the crowd. I felt like a rock star after finding the ring.
It was starting to get cold and dark when I rushed to get photos so they could home. Sorry the photos didn’t focus well.