Engagement Surprise .. Laguna Beach, CA. .. Using Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Chelsey had called me with a strange request. Her brother, Arron was planning a special way to ask his girlfriend to marry him. He wanted to take her to dinner at the Montage Resort in south Laguna Beach, CA..  His plan was to walk on the beach after eating and to have me find a small treasure box next to them with my metal detector.
I wasn’t sure how we would accomplish this but I met Arron’s sister on the beach known as Treasure Island. We buried the box with the engagement ring. She marked the location with some small sticks. It was a beautiful location and it was about to be sunset.
Arron and Mandie walked out onto the beach while I was detecting near them. As They stood almost on top of the box, I approached them with my detector. I had the speaker mode on, so there was an audible signal they could hear.
When my detector sounded off, I looked at them, saying there is something big just under the surface. I asked them if they could retrieve it. Mandie looked confused, but Arron reached down to scoop up the box. I turned and walked away. He opened the box where a beautiful engagement ring was. Then he dropped to his knees presenting the ring to Mandie, asking her to marry him. We also had a photographer who was sitting on the beach. She recorded everything.
It was a fun to be a part of this special moment for Arron and Mandie.

Arron and Mandie just after he proposed to her.

Arron’s sister Chelsea burying the treasure box.

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  1. Good job Stan! I did the same thing for a manager of a restaurant I worked at about 9 years ago. Love those special moments. ALOHA lostringmaui.com

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