Lost Keys In Sand .. Balboa Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Casey has moved to Newport Beach recently from the east coast. She had lost keys in the sand the night before contacting me.
Casey was very concerned and upset with herself because the keys were not hers, she had borrowed her cousin’s bike with the lock. If we couldn’t find the keys it was going to be more work and expensive to have somebody with the proper tools to come remove the lock.
I was very close to the location and we met about 30 minutes after she first contacted me. Casey was able to walk me very close to where she had been sitting  yesterday. It didn’t take long to locate the two keys on a single key ring. But! It could have been a failed search if I didn’t have my detector in the all metal setting. I get lazy sometimes because I do use discrimination setting at the beach where there are all types of metal trash. These keys and the key ring were basically ferrous metals that I could have missed with the wrong settings. It also helps to ask questions about what kind of metal the missing item is. We might of been able to use the magnet, but the metal detector is faster.
It was a quick successful search and a very happy lady that was smart enough to search the internet to solve her problem..