Lost Ring in Sand Dune .. Zuma Beach, CA. .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I was actually just finishing up an unsuccessful search for a ring lost in Malibu when Dave called me. He had just lost a tungsten carbide ring in a dry sand berm ( mound ) 10 feet high.
After he described that he had been messing around on a sand dune, I asked him to be careful not to move too much sand as this could get the ring out of range of a metal detector.
I was only 7 miles away from Dave’s location and able to meet him within 30 minutes. Another 10 minutes with my XP Deus metal detector on the steep hill of sand I got a good signal almost on top of the mound. A quick dig with my scoop and there was Dave’s ring.
We were lucky that I was in the area. 4pm on a week day is peak traffic time on Los Angeles freeways. It would have taken a couple hours, maybe three hours to drive the 70 miles from the other side of town.

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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    You are the king of the hill, my friend! Could have been tough and buried deep. Way to go!

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