Gold Ring Lost in Sand .. Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

While doing some grocery shopping in Laguna Beach, I received a call from Jeff at 6:30 pm. My cellphone reception was poor inside the store. So I went outside where I could make out that Jeff had lost a ring in a beach about 2 miles south of where I was shopping.
He told me that he had put his heirloom wedding ring in the cupholder of his beach chair. He didn’t remember it till he was already home. This ring was originally his grandfather’s and irreplaceable. Both Jeff and his wife were upset about the loss.
Jeff got online to research renting a metal detector. He located, where he was able to get my phone number. After he told me about the event that led to the loss, I told him I’d go to the location right away. He sounded surprised but agreed to meet me in a half hour.
15 minutes later I parked at Pearl St. It was dark out, so I put my head lamp on grabbed my detector and sand scoop then walked down 50 steps to the beach. Jeff told me about a driftwood hut near where they had been all day.. Walking and swinging my detector directly toward the hut,  I hit a perfect signal that proved to be Jeff’s ring.. I turned to walk back up the steps where I could see Jeff. We met at the the top of the cliff, where I gave him his ring and took a photo of his smile.
The next day Jeff sent me a testimonial which I will send to our TRF’s testimonial page. Jeff was truly grateful.