Palladium Ring Found in Grass .. Encino, CA. .. Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Friday .. 8-14-15

I was just finishing an unsuccessful water search in Santa Monica beach. Started at 4am low tide walked back to my car at 7am. Just as I got to the car Brad called telling me he had lost his palladium wedding band on a soccer field in Encino, CA. I left right away for the park that was only about 10 miles away. Traffic co-operated making it possible meet Brad on the soccer field.
It was a large field but Brad had left a marker in the location where he had placed his backpack the night before. He believed that when he put his ring into the backpack, he missed the pocket and that the ring may be in the grass. He searched on his hands and knees till 11pm that night. He returned at 6am to continue searching. Brad got online finding TheRingFinders. He first called Steve Smith a fellow member of TheRingFinders, who recommended that he call me because Steve was out of town on a short vacation.

When I arrived, I started to grid the 40×40 ft area. Brad left me to search. Then I saw Brad searching way across the field. I got a little uneasy because it looked like he wasn’t sure where he lost the ring. I tried to ignore that thought concentrating on this location.. There was a lot of trash giving me 12-13 to 12-15 readings witch could be gold. I didn’t have an idea of what reading the palladium ring would give. Then I received a 12-23 ID reading at 2 inches. Going down with the pinpointer, I found the ring hiding deep in the grass, completely out of sight.
He looked over towards me and I held up the ring, yelling “I found it.” It was great to see the smile on Brad’s face. He also told me that his wife would be happy it was found. His last comment was, ” I  knew you could find it.” It was nice to get the job done, so Brad had time to get to work.


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