Gold pendant lost for 11 months, found in Richmond Virginia!

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

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June 18th, 2021: Recovered a gold pendant missing for 11 months in Richmond, VA.

Ashley lost a delicate 10k pendant almost a year ago while having a family celebration in her yard. She had given up on finding it, until she came upon my contact information on The pendant has a great sentimental value for Ashley as it was a gift from her mother, and could not be replaced.

After arranging a date and time, my son Matthew and I arrived at Ashley’s and she provided us a detailed account of the activities from the party.

There were two areas where Ashley’s chain may have broken. One area was around a portable pool. The other possible search area was where she and her guests had played human bumper ball. Both areas are on the side of the house. Matthew and I set up search grids and combed the area. We found several targets which sounded like 10k gold, but no luck.

After a couple of hours, we expanded the search area toward the back of the house. A few minutes later, I heard Matthew say those wonderful words, “Dad, we found it”!




As you might imagine, Ashley was elated and we all celebrated a joyful outcome to the search.




Rob and Ashley

I am an expert detectorist with the knowledge, skill, and experience to recover your lost items on land and underwater. Please text or call as soon as possible: (703)-598-1435

One Reply to “Gold pendant lost for 11 months, found in Richmond Virginia!”

  1. Ashley says:

    Lisssttteeennn! I didn’t think it was truly possible!

    Last year at a family gathering I had lost something so precious to me! I truly didn’t know if I would ever find it. I joked around multiple times last year saying, “ I’m going to hire a professional metal detector person” what I didn’t know is that …it was actually a real thing!!!

    This year I decided I was gonna look it up. Ring finders..hmmm ok . Looked at the profile of Rob. I was like ok let’s see what happens. I spoke with Rob and he never made any promises but the way he reassured me..I was indeed hopeful. When he finally arrived he and his son were out in my gigantic yard in the middle of the day, high temperatures, humid just an icky hot day, looking for my pendant. I felt so bad for them. They persisted though. His Son explained to me how invested his Father gets in finding lost treasures and I can attest to that. He offered further help if he couldn’t find it that day. I was shocked but grateful.

    I was in the house when I heard a knock on the door. They showed me some other things they found in the yard and then next my PENDANT!!! Smaller than a penny! I had given up but they really went all the way in reuniting me with my lost piece. I cried tears of joy, shock and idk what else. I didn’t even think I would cry. It felt like I got part of my heart back.

    I wish I could do a voice interview to really express how grateful I am to both of them!! Words can’t describe it!

    Please if you ever lose anything precious to you do not hesitate to give Rob a call!! Seriously!!!

    It’s really awesome and heartwarming that people like Rob and his son Matthew are willing to do all they can just to reunite someone with a lost treasure.

    P.s. I really would have given them everything in my savings if I could LOL

    Forever grateful

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