Ring lost for five years, Hamilton, Virginia…FOUND!

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September 22nd, 2020: Found a ring missing for 5 years, used a new detector to overcome interference, and teamed up with another Ring Finder!

Sandy called me in April after reading about some of my recoveries on the internet. Her husband Alan, lost his ring about 5 years ago somewhere between their garage and the end of the long driveway. My first search attempt was especially significant because it was very close to their 50th wedding anniversary. I searched for several hours with my reliable ATMax, and found many targets. One area I had trouble with was at the end of the driveway. There were underground cables producing a lot of interference with my detector. Despite adjusting my metal detector’s frequencies, sensitivity, and ground balance, I couldn’t reliably search the area. I tried another detector, but it lacked the discrimination necessary to ignore many old barbed wire pieces. I told Sandy I’d be back.

I considered buying an Equinox 800 after recommendations from others, including my friend and fellow Ringfinder, Brian Rudolph. I researched the detector’s capabilities and was impressed with the technology allowing it to function in areas with interference. So, I bought one specifically to look for this ring. I tried my new detector a few times around my neighborhood until I felt comfortable with the settings. Since the search area was so large, I called my friend Ray and asked him to join me. Ray is also an excellent Ringfinder (https://theringfinders.com/Raymond.Jones/), and I knew he would be a great help covering such a large area.

We met on a beautiful morning on the 22nd of September and planned to search for several hours. Ray started at the top of the hill by the garage, and I worked at the end of the driveway where I experienced the interference in April. I set my Equinox to Park 1, and the frequency to 20 kHz. This resulted in nice clean signals. In less than an hour I found the ring two inches under the soil.


Five Years Buried



Sandy Smile!

All recoveries are special, and this one was no exception. When I handed the ring to Sandy, she dropped some laundry she was holding and with an expression of surprise and joy exclaimed “I don’t believe it!”

Sandy, Ray and I basked in that moment of happiness and the return of Alan’s ring, missing for 5 years!

If you lost something, call/text/email, (703)-598-1435, Rob.Ellis@TheRingFinders.com


Today I received the following from Al & Sandy. Words can not express my feelings…


4 Replies to “Ring lost for five years, Hamilton, Virginia…FOUND!”

  1. Brian Rudolph says:

    What a wonderful blog indeed! Thanks for you’re mentionings! That was so sweet of you! What a great story! And the most happy ending! Isn’t it gratifying?! In addition to that it’s also rewarding to be able to purchase a piece of equipment that can get the job done effectively! Wow! Excellent job my friend excellent job!!!!!

  2. Rob says:

    Thank you Brian. I am blessed to have the resources and skill to provide this service. Gratifying on so many levels!!

  3. Alan & Sandy Winter says:

    Found !!!

    Sandy and Alan Winter’s wedding rings have been reunited !!

    Robert and Raymond – Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedules to return to our home and search for Alan’s missing wedding ring !! The missing ring remained elusive for our 50th wedding anniversary, but was found in time for Alan’s birthday; what a surprise! Your efforts, skill and persistence paid off !!

    Without your caring, our wedding rings would not have been reunited !! We are Blessed and Thankful and very Grateful for the joy you brought into our lives – you have made us VERY, VERY, VERY Happy!

    Thank you !!!!

  4. Awesome recovery Rob!! Thank you for allowing me to tag along on this one, it was great experience and to see the joy in Sandy’s face and eyes (tears of joy!!) in you reuniting her with her husbands matching ring was just priceless. Just goes to show, “something lost can be found” no matter how long it’s been…I’ll remember this one for a long time, the emotions and expressions of being bonded with her husbands ring so soon after their 50th anniversary was a treasure….Happy Hunting…

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