KUUIPO – Hawaiian for – “My Sweetheart” Ring Lost/Found at: Craigville, MA and returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

From Hawaii, 20 years ago, to August of 2018, just after a Cape Cod fishing trip and an afternoon splash in the surf, the Kuuipo ring having been to many places and seeing numerous memorable occasions it decided to take a rest in King Neptune’s domain. From being purchased as a promissory ring in Hawaii to beneath the waters of a popular beach the ring stayed hidden and resting for over a year until I brought it back into the sunshine. Thinking that the uniqueness of the ring would draw some attention if posted on social media, I made a posting. As luck would have it, Luke, another RingFinder, had been contacted and searched for the ring to no avail over the past year. The news of the ring being found spread swiftly and Luke picked up on the finding and called with the owner’s information. I then made contact with Brina and made arrangements for the ring’s return.

A couple of days later the ring was reunited with Brina who passed on the story of the ring and why it was no longer a complete circle. It had been cut off a finger several years ago but not by choice.

Although a lost object may not be initially found, there is always hope that someday it will be found and through our network of friends and the RingFinders the owner will receive the sentimental item back. Luke and I have done this in the past and look forward to our next return.

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  1. Brina Healy says:

    It was so kind of you and your organization to help me.

    I purchased this ring on Maui for my sweetheart (ku’uipo). Some years later, it had to be cut off her finger, so the sizing had changed. At one point, it had been lost in the garden in Kahului, Maui but we found it a few months later.

    As my spouse hadn’t been wearing it for some time, she offered it back to me and I was thrilled to get it. I wore the ring with no issues for many years until that fateful day when I went swimming with it on.

    I felt it fall off my finger and tried to retrieve it without success. I posted on Craigslist and was directed to Ringfinders. They said they’d do what they could–although I thought by that time, the ring would have migrated far away from where I had lost it.

    I received a call some months after and Rich said that he had found it. I trekked down to Cape Cod where I was reunited with my ring.

    My sincerest thanks to Rich and the Ringfinders organization. After a year in the surf, I never thought that I’d get this very sentimental piece back.

    Mahaloa nui loa (thank you very much) for your kokua (help) in ny quest.

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