A Picture Narrows Search Area for Lost Ring: Dennis, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 20th was one beautiful day at the beach that ended on a sad note due to a missing wedding band. Michael was enjoying the day of sun, surf, sand and picture taking to remember the beautiful day. Little did he know that four days later one of his pictures would aid me in finding his ring that had slipped from his suntan lotion applying finger.

An E-mail with the photo attached sent me to the location on one of the endless beaches of Cape Cod. I held the picture displayed on my cell phone trying to place myself in the location of where his photo had been taken. At the location, I see a beach goers blanket on the sand with a metal detector on top of it. I cut to the chase, I asked the owner if she had detected and found a wedding band. No, she had not. So I continued my search pattern. Another couple of passes and about 5 feet from the idle detector a strong signal rang in my ears. One scoop later and Michael’s wedding band was shining in the sunlight once again. After a short conversation with a few children that had been watching and showing them the ring and how the detector found the ring I was on my way home.

Michael had left the Cape and through E-mails I arranged the ring return to be made via the mail.

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