Cape Cod - Ring 3 of 3 return in one day 8/23/17! Gold Wedding Band

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Joe had a wonderful wife until his wedding band went missing at a Dennis, MA beach. Heck it is only a ring, nothing to get too overwhelmed about, it can be replaced. NO, we will get it back, what else would a wonderful wife and mother of two beautiful children do but to get in touch with TheRingFinders and have her husband’s ring returned.

The first night’s search came and went without the desired results. A bit of confusion on my part about not asking more about the location. I thought I know were I was told the loss took place, but there were three paths through the dunes. After searching by the first path I had a doubt that I was at the right one so I moved to the second and after the same results — onto the third. Again no ring. Back at the car where I called for more information…Yes, the first path was the correct one, but the ring may be in the water.

I was glad to head toward the water as the sand was being blown so hard as to sting my bare legs. Unfortunately my search down the slope of the beach and into the wind blown waves also did not reveal the rings hiding place. The next afternoon after finding and returning Meg’s Yale ring I headed back to search further out into the water. This time success was on my side and I found the size 13 ring.

While detecting I noticed a couple hundred people gathering about 150 yards down the beach…what were they doing? Something you usually see only the TV…releasing a sea turtle. Another highlight of my day.
Back to Joe. After waiting for the turtle watchers single file out of the parking lot I left, got home and called Joe, no answer, message left.
Next I had to make was to Keith’s father-in-law who had called 6 minutes before I arrived home. After leaving the message for Joe to call so we could arrange the ring’s return I left for Hyannis. Read my next blog about Keith’s story.

Back home I called Joe again, made arraignments to return the ring. Surprise! Carolyn was now the MOST WONDERFUL wife! The ring’s physical return was made the next morning. Of course smiles were present on all five of our faces, and if any white dust is seen in the photo it is left over Dunkin Donuts treats. Yes a wonderful and sweet, happy ending for all.