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Toby rs

Toby ring rs

Toby was out for a fun day at the beach, just yards from his vacation hide-away.
A bit of catch was in order when it happened…the ball came in at just the right angle to whisk his wedding band off of his finger. The last glimpse he had of it was it flying out of sight. Game over.
Hours of searching with a rake, shovel, rented metal detector, many friends and family including his father-in-law crawling in the sand. Nothing seemed to work in the daylight…neither did flashlights in the dark of night.

His friendly neighbor started searching the world wide web and came across a site called TheRingFinders.com. Minutes later Toby was convinced to give Rick Browne a call. And so he did.

Within an hour the call was returned, tide time and weather check was made along with a meeting time for a search for the ring to begin. The next day after an introduction, bit of information gathering, the entourage was off, down the wooden stairs, the aluminum stairs (more like a swinging bridge) to the edge of the wet sand. After a quick demo of how and where the ring was lost and I began the search.

Forty-five minutes later, after covering the area I was shown plus a bit more, I was going to enlarge the area even more. One pass, one turn and three steps later my detector gave me the best signal I had had all day. A shallow scoop of sand and there it was, in my scoop, Toby’s ring. A quick rinse and it was presentable enough to let Toby retrieve his ring from the scoop. He did it in grandeur with yelps and praises. Of course with a smile a mile wide.

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